poisonous fishes

poisonous fishes
any fish containing a poison (exclusive of bacterial poisons). Sometimes restricted to those fishes whose poisons enter the victim\'s body orally, excluding venomous fish whose poison is introduced from glands by means of spines. For treatment of poisoning from spines, see venomous fishes, treatment of poisoning of; for poisoning from eating ciguatoxic fishes, see ciguatera poisoning; from clupeoid fishes, see clupeotoxism; hallucinogenic fishes, see ichthyoalleinotoxism; poisonous fish eggs or roe, see ichthyootoxism; improperly preserved scombroid and other marketed marine fishes, see scombrotoxism; pufferfish or tetraodontiform fishes, see tetrodotoxication

Dictionary of ichthyology. 2009.

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